Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe and Off the Cloud with DataBunker

Everyone who has invested in cryptocurrency understands the necessity for secure, reliable storage. With over $1 billion worth of crypto currency stolen in 2018 alone, it’s no surprise that everyone is rushing to move their assets off of insecure exchanges onto cold storage solutions. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero are safest in the next generation of cold storage – the fire-proof, water-proof, EMP-proof, and crush-proof DataBunker.

Keep your valuables off the cloud and in a stainless steel, maximum industrial insulated storage device with clean chip technology (no back doors). A devastating fire, flood, or other disaster (including nuclear exposure) will not touch your investment or other sensitive documents while protected in the DataBunker. You can’t say that about a laptop, flash drive, or hard drive.

Plus, the only way to be 100% hack-proof is to be off the cloud and in a DataBunker. Check out the specs.

Protect with DataBunker.

Protect with DataBunker.

Protect with DataBunker.

Protect with DataBunker.

Your Personal “Black Box.”

DataBunker provides you with the ultimate in external storage for all your critical data and information.

Protect vital records and information from
Fires • Floods • Tornados • Hurricanes • Earthquake • Building Collapse • Cyber Criminals • EMPs

Available with 8, 16, and 32 Gig memory. Made in the USA with clean electronics. Virtually indestructible.

Safest & Most Secure

Drag and drop files – just like any USB storage device except this portable black box can successfully withstand:

  • shot out of a cannon three times, three different ways
  • 55-pound sharp instrument penetration test
  • 25,000-pound crush test
  • 1400-degrees F for an hour
  • 500-degrees F for 10 hours
  • submerged in diesel fuel for 48 hours
  • 10-minutes under firefighter solution
  • 48 hours in 15 meters of saltwater
  • and a Nuclear EMP test
  • plus, it’s TSA-approved for carry-on