Industry leader in these applications.

DataBunker uses ThermoDyne’s Advanced Microporous Insulation Materials and Systems for High-Performance Applications. These include products for the Air Force, Navy, US Government, Sandia Labs, Boeing, L3, GE, BAE, Exxon, Johns Manville, Northrop Grumman, Electric Boat, Bloom Energy, Honeywell, Los Alamos, Bechtel, and Raytheon. Some applications and industries for this material include M1 Abrams, B2, E2D, E6, E3 AWAX, Striker, Fuel Cells, Solar industry, Petrochem industry, Aerospace industry, Military, Aluminum industry, Steel industry, Automotive industry, Power industry, and others. 

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Download FEMA’s “Protect Your Critical Documents and Valuables” PDF here.